The Queen’s Favourite Animals airs Sun 12 Nov 2017 on Channel 4

The Queen's Favourite Animals

The Queen has been on the throne for over 65 years and has never veered from the script of the constitutional monarch. But to uncover the real woman behind the role, look to her life-long passion: for animals. This documentary tells the story of the Queen’s life and character through her animals, from the corgis at her side since her earliest childhood to her thoroughbred racehorses.

In her animal kingdom the Queen is a high achiever who’s got to the top on her own merits, winning all sorts of prizes. She’s a highly respected breeder of corgis and a champion breeder of racehorses and even highland cattle. The programme interviews her childhood friend Lady Myra Butter, iconic jockeys Willie Carson and Willie Snaith, who rode her champions to victory, and other trainers and handlers. This is a portrait of the Queen as the person she perhaps always wanted to be: a countrywoman.

Prod/Dir: Nick Angel
Exec Prod: Julia Harrington
Prod Co: Renegade Pictures

The Queen’s Favourite Animals airs Sunday 12 November 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on Channel 4.

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