Raven Episodes 6-10 (CBBC 12-15 Dec 2017, with Aisha Toussaint)

Raven Episodes 6-10

As the new series continues weekdays at 3.50pm on CBBC, Raven (Aisha Toussaint) introduces a series of challenges testing courage, strength, agility and resourcefulness to find the perfect ally in her battle with evil sorcerer Nevar.

On Monday, Raven must call on help from her predecessor to seek a path forward to challenges including Demon Causeway, a physical test of agility and bravery. The Wolves’ numbers dwindle from three to one with the finalist of the heat going forward after The Last Stand.

On Tuesday, four more warriors – Rygo, Teeja, Janra and Saris – answer Raven’s call and race to compete in the Wildcat heat. In the Battering Ram group challenge they must work together to open a gateway, all while avoiding Nevar’s evil demons.

On Wednesday, the challengers take to the water in Target Mines, a game of target practice with a giant catapult. At the end of the day’s challenges the warrior with the fewest golden rings must leave the quest.

On Thursday, Nevar has cursed the only clear route to the final challenge, the Last Stand, leaving the warriors no choice but to head for Dead Man’s Gorge where they must use great strength to pull themselves from the waters and win golden treasure rings. Only one Wildcat can travel through the portal as winner of their heat.

On Friday, the Stags step forward to show their mettle in their heat – warriors Sharow, Cersage, Kaichir and Scona are ready to rise to the challenge. In Riddle Rocks, they must solve a tricky word puzzle against the clock.

Raven Episodes 6-10 air Monday 11 December to Friday 15 December from 3.50pm-4.20pm on CBBC.

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