Raven Finale Week Begins Mon 18 Dec on CBBC

Raven Aisha Toussaint

The time has come for Raven’s One True Warrior to be crowned, as three weeks of tense challenges draw to a close.

Having won the favour of Raven (Aisha Toussaint) in their individual heats, the final contenders are all keen to be the chosen one who will face evil sorcerer Nevar.

First, however, there are challenges of strength, agility and resourcefulness to overcome.

On Monday the warriors – under the banner of the Stag – take on challenges including Conundrum and Looms Labyrinth. At the end of the day it’s time for the competitor with the fewest golden rings to leave the tournament.

On Tuesday, the warriors must take on Leap Of Faith, a challenge of endurance and bravery, among the ancient trees of the forest. At the end of a tense day’s competition the Stag with the most rings will go through the portal to join the other heat finalists.

On Wednesday the four finalists come together for the first time in the Grand Tournament and face four challenges: Scramble, Warrior’s Seat, Towering Heights and Treetop Treasure. Each has to dig deep to win the most golden rings, taking them one step closer to being crowned winner.

On Thursday, four more challenges are laid out for the brave warriors, including one-on-one face-off Orb Race and team test Wrecking Ball. Tension mounts with one warrior leaving the contest at the end of today’s show.

On Friday, only three of the four final warriors remain. Just two challenges are left to face – Demon Army and Demon Causeway – before the final Last Stand of the series. The mettle of the remaining contenders will be tested to the limit in a bid to find Raven’s one True Warrior.

Raven Finale Week airs from Monday 18 December to Friday 22 December 2017, 3.50pm-4.20pm on CBBC.

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