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Release the Hounds: Halloween Special airs Tues 31 Oct on ITV2



Release The Hounds Halloween Special

Matt Edmondson presides over a special Halloween-themed episode of Release The Hounds, airing of course on Tues 31 Oct at 9.00pm on ITV2, of the horror game show. Entering the terrifying forest this time are four celebrity friends from Essex – TOWIE stars Chloe Meadows, Courtney Green, Jon Clark and Chris Clark.

The group are challenged with entering the woods at dusk, in a quest to unlock chests full of prize money. Little do they know that in order to win, they must face some of the scariest challenges ever endured on television.

Matt will be in close contact with the quartet throughout, communicating, perhaps wisely, from a location just outside the forest! To locate the keys to the chests, the challengers must endure untold horror, all in the name of entertainment! The final challenge requires the gang to outrun a pack of real hounds which have been trained to guard the prize cash.

If the competitors manage to escape, they will receive the money. The alternative outcome is almost unthinkable!

Release the Hounds: Halloween Special airs Tuesday 31 October 2017 from 9.00pm on ITV.