The Repair Shop At Christmas Special airs Tues 19 Dec on BBC Two

The Repair Shop At Christmas

The Repair Shop is decked with holly, and a dedicated team of Britain’s most passionate and skilled crafts people are beavering away like busy Christmas elves repairing and rescuing beloved festive treasures in this festive special airing on Tuesday 19 December at 7.00pm on BBC Two.

A Victorian version of a jukebox called a Polyphon, that has rusted into silence, moves sisters Ann and Kathryn to tears when they hear it play the family’s favourite carol for first time in decades.

Meanwhile the only Christmas present received by evacuee Patricia in 1939, Betty Doll, is lovingly brought back life; while a rustic but rickety Nordic sleigh, a battered 100 year-old school Nativity, and an 18th century Madonna and Child painting all bring unique restoration challenges for team of experts.

Celebrating the season of joy and giving, The Repair Shop At Christmas is the festive fairy tale that will transform broken treasures into beautiful gifts, proving that ‘make do and mend’ is still a philosophy to live by.

The Repair Shop At Christmas Special airs Tuesday 19 December 2017 from 7.00pm-8.00pm on BBC Two.

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