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Ripper Street Fifth and Final Series Premieres 19 Jun on BBC-2Ripper Street Fifth and Final Series Premieres 19 Jun on BBC-2


Ripper Street Fifth and Final Series Premieres 19 Jun on BBC-2



The fifth and final sixth part season of Ripper Street premieres on Monday 19 June at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

As the series begins it is just day after the cruel murder of Bennet Drake and his once friends Edmund Reid, Homer Jackson and Long Susan are drawn together to bring his killer – a new serial killer stalking Whitechapel’s streets ‐ to justice. They are hampered by one fact, they themselves are now hunted by the police for the extra-­judicial killing of Long Susan’s father Theodore Swift.

Seeking our heroes with a dogged persistence is Assistant Commissioner Augustus Dove. He must do all he can to capture Reid before he is able to reveal the truth to the world: the serial killer is Dove’s brother… Nathaniel.

This powerful closing chapter of the hugely popular show is comprised of six episodes and picks up mere days after the grisly death of Detective Inspector Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn – Game Of Thrones), which reunites his old friends, Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen – Anna Karenina), surgeon Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg – The Divide) and ‘Long’ Susan Hart (MyAnna Buring – Downton Abbey), to bring his murderer to justice.

Always intended as a five series story by Richard Warlow, Ripper Street has become one of the biggest success stories for British television, selling to 199 territories and receiving a wealth of award recognition including a Bafta (and seven further nominations), three RTS Awards nominations, an Ivor Novello Award, and being named Radio Times Best Show of 2013. On BBC Two, the series ranked as the third highest rated drama in 2016.

Ripper Street

Writer, Creator and Executive Producer for all five series of Ripper Street, Richard Warlow says: “Saying goodbye to this world of Ripper Street and its characters is going to be a very strange thing; it’s been five years of my life. From the beginning when I began writing, I had in mind a five series arc, ending with us sending our characters off into the twentieth century. I’m immensely proud we have been able to tell the story as we hoped, and equally proud that such a huge number of the original cast and the creative team have been involved every step of the way.”

The previous season introduced a new serial killer plaguing the streets of Whitechapel. Convinced that the murderer’s cannibalistic crimes were being covered up by another party, DI Reid and DI Drake’s investigation pointed to a trail of corruption that led them right to the heart of Scotland Yard – specifically Assistant Commissioner Augustus Dove (Killian Scott – Call The Midwife) and his bestial brother Nathaniel Dove (Jonas Armstrong – Line Of Duty). During an attempt to bring down the Dove brothers, DI Drake lost his life to serial killer Nathaniel, forcing DI Reid, CPT Jackson and ‘Long’ Susan on the run. Finding themselves on the other side of the law, they discover that revealing the truth about the unlawful siblings is not an easy task.

With a barbarous killer on the loose and a corrupt lawman leading the police force, DI Reid is unquestionably facing his toughest and most dangerous challenge yet. An epic battle on the meanest streets imaginable has just begun… Will DI Reid finally be able to restore peace and justice in Whitechapel?

Ripper Street Season 5 key cast also includes Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter), Joseph Mawle (Game Of Thrones), Benjamin O’Mahony (Kilo Two Bravo), Lydia Wilson (Star Trek Beyond), Anna Burnett (The Falling).

Ripper Street Season 5 Episode 1 (of 6) airs on Monday 19 June 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC Two.


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