River Monsters Series Return Fri 5 Jan on ITV

River Monsters Series Return

Biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade is back with a brand new series, exploring the fascinating – and sometimes terrifying – world of river fish. On a volcanic island in Papua New Guinea, an ancient fishing community is being terrorised by a mysterious attacker.

Wade learns about the attacks from some locals who have been on the unfortunate receiving end of these assaults, and discovers that the only clue left behid by the culprit is one mysterious puncture wound. Some of the people attacked have been fishermen, all of whom know the aquatic life in the area very well – but none have been able to identify the vicious predator.

Angling detective Wade begins investigating and goes on the hunt for the fish. He hooks a giant trevally, a barracuda and a bull shark, but dismisses them all. Any of these fish would be instantly recognisable to a local fisherman. Can Wade uncover the identity of the unusual fanged assailant?

River Monsters Series Return from Friday 5 January 2018 from 8.00pm on ITV.

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