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By Royal Appointment Premieres Sun 28 May on ITV3



By Royal Appointment

Hugh Bonneville narrates one-hour documentary By Royal Appointment offering an exclusive glimpse into the world of official suppliers to the royal family. From florists to tailors, cheese-makers to cobblers, they are all by royal appointment – from the people who make Prince Charles’s suits or maintain the dozens of stately royal carriages to those who provide the Duke of Edinburgh with his favourite cheese or look after the Queen’s magnificent ceremonial robes.

This programme shines a light on the talented craftsmen and women who hold warrants as official suppliers to the royal family. Their skills and talents have placed them in an exclusive group which has the right to display a royal coat of arms – the Queen’s, Prince Philip’s or the Prince of Wales’s three feathers. The royal family are big supporters of the work of their warrant-holders and many of the craftspeople are colourful characters with a host of captivating stories and anecdotes about their years of royal service.

In this programme, they share their memories and experiences and provide a genuine flavour of what it means to be a royal supplier. The film also includes contributions from royal correspondents, authors, historians and some of those connected to the royal warrant-holders.

By Royal Appointment airs Sunday 28 May 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV3