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Safe House Premieres 20 Apr ITV 2015 with Christoper Eccleston and Marsha Thomason



UK / ITV / 4×60 minute episodes / Broadcast from Monday 20 April 2015 @ 9.00pm

Acclaimed actor Christopher Eccleston stars alongside Marsha Thomason and Paterson Joseph in this brand new four-part thriller, set in the beautiful wilderness of the Lake District. Former detective Robert (Eccleston) and his wife Katy (Thomason) are asked by close friend and ex-colleague DCI Mark Maxwell (Joseph) to turn their remote guest house into a safe house. Robert is tempted but will Katy agree?

Later, Mark finds himself dealing with a family left reeling from an unexplained assault. David Blackwell has been hospitalised and an innocent passer-by is in a critical condition. Mark needs to find out why this family was targeted and track down the assailant, so he asks Robert and Katy to take David, Ali, Louisa and Joe Blackwell and keep them safe.

Deep down, Robert wants to protect this family to prove that he can still do the job – and to make sure that this time nothing goes wrong. Settled into the guest house, the Blackwell family adjust to their new life. While Mark pursues the man hunting the family, Robert undertakes his own investigation into the family from within the safe house. The only member of the family unaccounted for is the eldest son, Sam. He is away at university, but worryingly no one has seen or heard from him in weeks.



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