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Safe House Season 2 Episode 2 (ITV 14 Sep 2017, with Dervla Kirwan)



Safe House Season 2 Episode 2

Stephen Moyer stars as ex-police officer Tom alongside Zoe Tapper, who plays his partner Sam, as the second series of the crime drama Safe House continues with it’s second episode on Thursday 14 September at 9.00pm on ITV.

When Tom was on the force he was resposnible for putting away a killer called the Crow, but he does not believe they have the right man in prison. When a woman named Julie Delaney is abducted, he is convinced the Crow is back. As Julie’s partner John and daughter Dani are thought to be in danger, the couple offer their home as a safe house.

As the search for Julie intensifies, Tom and Sam have to deal with a restless John (Ashley Walters) and an emotional Dani (Sacha Parkinson). Tom begins to feel suspicious of John’s ability to carry on running his business under such circumstances. His worries are further increased when John sneaks away to meet a dodgy-looking acquaintance in a car park.

When it becomes clear that Dani is also very wary of her would-be stepfather, Sam and Tom begin to fear that John is
somehow involved in Julie’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Tom’s former boss Elizabeth Ellroy (Dervla Kirwan) turns up. It is clear that both Elizabeth and Vedder (Gary Cargill) are keen to keep Tom away from the case, which causes Sam to wonder about the real reason he left the police force. Sam knows Tom is hiding something from her.

Safe House Season 2 Episode 2 airs on Thursday 14 September 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV.