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Save Money: Good Food (ITV 9 May 2017)



Save Money Good Food

Journalist and presenter Susanna Reid and chef Matt Tebbutt reveal more truths about super cheap food and help save everyday families thousands of pounds off their food bills by showing how to transform monotonous mid-week meals into aspirational, simple and yet sumptuous feasts for a fraction of the cost.

Packed full of money-saving recipes and tips, this is the essential guide to how to eat like a king without breaking the bank. This edition features Paula and Ian Laycock and their four sons, who seem to find themselves stuck in an expensive addiction to online meals. Enter Matt and Susanna, who are determined to change all that.

Matt makes some foot-long pizza planks for the family, which cost just 60 pence a head. He includes some vegetables he has rescued from their bin, and constructs a complete Thai feast for less than five pounds that will feed all six of them. Meanwhile, Susanna gets to the bottom of whether online shopping is good or bad for the bank balance and puts three brands of strawberry jam to the super cheap test.

Save Money: Good Food airs on Tuesday 9 May 2017 at 7.30pm on ITV.