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Secret Life of Dogs Episode 2 (ITV 14 Feb 2017)



Secret Life of Dogs

Episode 2 of this three part documentary, Secret Life of Dogs, narrated by Martin Clunes, airs on Tuesday 14th February at 9.00pm on ITV.

The working relationship between man and dog forms one of the most successful and formidable partnerships on the planet. But beyond a dog’s extraordinary set of senses and physical abilities, science has revealed that it is perhaps their ability to communicate and empathise with humans that makes them such great workers.

Midge, the world’s first police chihuahua, is shaking up perceptions of K9 law enforcement and clocking up an impressive list of busts. Joey the sheepdog from the Cotswolds has superior panoramic vision and an ability to see movement in slow motion. This enables him to round up 100 sheep all by himself.

There is also the king of swimming dogs, the Newfoundland, which has huge webbed paws and has developed a unique breast-stroke style of swimming that allows it to save people from drowning. Taneal, the world’s first wilderness guide dog, is shepherding her completely blind owner Trevor Thomas (pictured above) on a 6,000 mile hike through America’s wilderness.

Then there is Ricochet, a surfing dog from California who helps special needs children to connect better with the world by taking to the waves with them.

Secret Life of Dogs Episode 2 airs on Tuesday 14 February 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on ITV