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Secret Life of Dogs with Martin Clunes Premieres on ITV 7 Feb



Secret Life of Dogs

Martin Clunes narrates three-part documentary series Secret Life of Dogs, premiering on Tuesday 7 February at 9.00pm on ITV exploring the complex but close relationship between humans and dogs. Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, but only now are scientists beginning to discover just how similar dogs actually are to humans both emotionally and in the way they think. From soon after dogs are born they have an ability to communicate, can use eye contact to form bonds and can learn by watching people. They have even developed a complex ability to read human faces that allows them to understand emotions.

Using the latest scientific discoveries and recounting heart- warming stories from around the world, this episode explores just how dogs, more than any other animal on the planet, have become part of human life and the closest of companions. An example of this special relationship is the amazing story of Titti, a jack russell who lives with her owner Carmello in Malta.

Together they like nothing more than to dive, in perfect synchronisation, from the cliff tops into the blue Mediterranean sea below. What is remarkable is that Titti taught herself to do this, simply by watching Carmello before joining him. Not only does this show dogs are capable of learning by observation but also shows the tremendous amount of trust dogs place in their owners – and trust is the basis of all good relationships.

Secret Life of Dogs with Martin Clunes Episode 1 (of 3) airs Tuesday 7 February 2017 at 9.00pm on ITV



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