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The Secret Life Of The Holiday Resort Premieres Mon 28 Aug on Channel 4



The Secret Life Of The Holiday Resort Channel 4

Three part documentary series, The Secret Life Of The Holiday Resort,  takes a look at the great British holiday maker abroad. Back at the largest all-inclusive resort on the Costa del Sol, lifelong friends Paddy, Steve and John from Liverpool take time out from the family to indulge at the all-inclusive bar and experience the full range of evening entertainment at the resort.

Once again, staff delight in observing how we Brits behave on holiday, as we drink our way through 15,000 litres of alcohol every week. Nick and Jude Pendlebury from Sheffield have brought Jude’s dad Tony, and Nick’s mum Margaret (with her friend Pauline) away for a two-week break in the sun.

It’s pensioner Margaret and Pauline’s first experience at an all-inclusive, and by the end of the holiday one they’re not keen to repeat. Parents Billy and Sandy Reevey from north Wales have brought their 15-year-old son away for a fortnight’s holiday. But instead of making the most of the all-inclusive food and entertainment, Ben is keen to find his own entertainment, inviting teenage girls on holiday at the resort to play pool with him.

Executive Producer: Lisa Edwards
Series Producer: Katherine Patrick
Production Company: Lion TV Scotland

The Secret Life Of The Holiday Resort Episode 1 (of 3) airs on Monday 28 August 2017 from 10.00pm-11.05pm on Channel 4.