The Secret Life Of The Zoo At Christmas (Channel 4 20 Dec 2017)

The Secret Life of the Zoo at Christmas

It’s Christmas time and Chester Zoo’s keepers are busy making gifts for all the animals. But it’s a chaotic time for the chimps. With leader Dylan otherwise occupied by female attention, it’s a free-for-all when the group seek out their parcels. And with Mandy left out, not everyone ends up in a festive mood. Horned rhino couple Beni and Asha are also experiencing family dysfunction.

With Asha attacking and then ignoring Beni, he’s left to find solace in the company of a deer. The zoo’s new thousand-strong family of leaf cutter ants work together to build a new home for themselves out of their Christmas bounty. And can dwarf mongoose couple Cooper and Mini deliver some new babies in time for Christmas?

Series Prod: Pip Banyard
Exec Prods: Alistair Pegg, Tanya Winston, Edmund Coulthard
Prod Co: Blast! Films

The Secret Life Of The Zoo At Christmas airs Wednesday 20 December 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on Channel 4,

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