The Secret Life Of The Zoo Season 4 Episode 4 (Channel 4 6 December 2014)

Secret Life of the Zoo

As the fourth season of The Secret Life of the Zoo continues, it’s mating season for Chester Zoo’s onagers and after two years living alone, male Holmes is released into the female paddock. It’s a bruising encounter as he goes straight for his old flame Zarrin, before chasing every other female in sight, including the camel next door.

Galapagos tortoise Charlie is losing weight and keepers believe that it’s down to bullying from her older sister. They step in with an innovative system to try and alleviate the problem. Keeper Niall barters with eldest chimp Boris for the return of a large stick that the chimps have been brandishing, but Boris is wary of dominant male Dylan stealing his reward, and plays hardball with Niall.

And Plo, a village weaver, is tirelessly building a nest to impress a female. If the foundations aren’t strong enough to support a whole family it will be dismissed on first inspection, and he could be destined to remain a bachelor.

Series Producer: Pip Banyard
Executive Producers: Alistair Pegg, Tanya Winston, Edmund Coulthard
Production Company: Blast! Films

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