The Secret Life Of The Zoo Season 4 Episode 7 (Channel 4 2 Jan 2017)

The Secret Life Of The Zoo

Spider monkey Mary, who’s 50, has had 19 children and the Chester Zoo keepers are concerned that another pregnancy could be risky. They introduce a new younger female, Kiara, to the group in the hope that Mary’s long-term partner Popoyan will develop a relationship with her instead. But Popoyan seems to be more of a romantic than the keepers thought. The zoo hope to breed dominant female giant otter Icana with new arrival Diego, but Icana’s daughter Runa has a chronic liver condition, so she has other things on her mind.

Then a tragic turn of events changes the family dynamic. Sloths Tina and Rico live together at the zoo, spending up to 18 hours a day asleep. But for the past three years Tina has spent her waking moments giving Rico a hard time. Now there’s a plan to try and bring them closer together. And keepers embark on a speed dating event with three-legged chameleon Tripod. Will she go for number one, number two or number three? Or will they all be dismissed at the first hurdle?

Series Prod: Pip Banyard
Exec Prods: Alistair Pegg, Tanya Winston, Edmund Coulthard
Prod Co: Blast! Films

The Secret Life Of The Zoo Season 4 Episode 7 airs Tuesday 2 January 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on Channel 4.

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