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Secrets Of Your New Car: Channel 4 Dispatches airs Mon 28 Aug at 7.30pm



Secrets of Your New Car

With new forms of finance driving Britain’s thriving new car market, Morland Sanders investigates whether the bargains on offer in the showroom are all they seem. Finance schemes are making cars more affordable to more drivers than ever before. But as concern grows around household debt levels Dispatches asks whether the deals on offer are making the second biggest purchase you’ll ever make a liability for your bank balance. Sanders asks if the car industry is being entirely straight with customers.

Undercover filming exposes questionable sales patter and confusing advice. Sanders also talks to one driver who says she was caught out by the small print in her car finance deal. And the programme reveals one little-known way to get the car of your dreams at a lower price than the one quoted by most sales staff.

Reporter: Morland Sanders
Producer and Director: Jane Drinkwater
Executive Producer: Mike Lewis
Production Company: Nine Lives Media Ltd

Secrets Of Your New Car: Channel 4 Dispatches airs Mon 28 August 2017 from 7.30pm-8.00pm on Channel 4.