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Spa Wars Episode 2 (ITVBe 5 Jul 2017)Spa Wars Episode 2 (ITVBe 5 Jul 2017)


Spa Wars Episode 2 (ITVBe 5 Jul 2017)



Brand new competitive beauty series Spa Wars pits three rival salon owners against each other to find out whose treatments offer the best value for money.

Narrated by Rylan Clark-Neal, each episode sees three local beauticians take it in turns to visit each other’s salons, with a surprise celebrity guest announcing the winner.

In the second episode, the beauty contest rolls into Wales and its borders, kicking off at Beauty Box in Gloucester, which is run by the competitive Natalie Kent. How will she react when hippy holistic therapist Carolyn Coles arrives, followed by the carefree and fun-loving Jayde Lee, who runs a beauty parlour from her garage?

Will Natalie’s attempts at A-list treatments prove popular with her new rivals? Day two sees everyone travelling to Jayde’s garage/salon, which is also home to her seven cats! While this homely feel appeals to nature-lover Carolyn, Natalie is left bewildered and unnerved by the cats.

Will Jayde’s approach to beauty care prove to be a cat-astrophe? Last to host is bohemian Carolyn, who believes beauty comes from within. Her sound therapy treatments leave Natalie in a fit of giggles, much to Carolyn’s disgust. Can Carolyn bite her tongue and overcome Natalie’s reservations to keep alive her chances of winning?

Spa Wars Episode 2 airs Wednesday 5 July 2017 from 8.00pm on ITVBE.


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