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Spies Episode 4 Season Final airs Channel 4 26 Jan at 9.00pm




In the concluding episode of the series Spies, which airs on Thursday 26 January at 9.00pm, six trainees remain on the course but only four of them will make it through to the final test overseas: exercise solo.

This final challenge, a mission on foreign soil, has been designed to recreate the conditions for operating as an intelligence officer in a hostile environment. Dispatched to Marrakech, the final four must work entirely alone. Unknown to them, Control are also in the city and watching their every move as they move between locations and are given limited instructions.

On arrival they must hand over their passports to an unknown contact before using their alias documentation to check in to a nearby hotel. Control have secretly rigged their hotel rooms with cameras and plan to test the trainees’ behaviour as they ratchet up the pressure and suspicion. Battling rising paranoia, the trainees must try to act naturally, but one candidate struggles to maintain their composure. A key part of the intelligence officer training programme is the simulation of meetings with agents.

The trainees must employ the anti-surveillance skills they’ve been taught before emptying a dead letter box and meeting their agent. The trainees are ‘arrested’ and taken to a warehouse on the outskirts of the city where they face hostile interviewing under extreme conditions. They are deprived of sleep and isolated in cells where they must defend their cover stories for being alone in Morocco. With just three trainees out of fifteen making it to this final stage, Control must decide who has shown that they have the capabilities that intelligence officers need in the world of modern espionage.

Executive Producer: Colin Barr
Series Producer and Director: Dominique Foster
Senior Producer and Director: Stuart Bernard
Production Company: Minnow Films

Spies Episode 4 Season Final airs Thursday 26 January 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on Channel 4