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The State Episode 3 (Channel 4 22 Aug 2017, with Karim Kassem)



The State

The third part of Peter Kosminsky’s powerful new drama that follows four young British men and women who have left their lives behind to join Isis. Marriage to a foreign fighter proves challenging for Ushna (Shavani Cameron) but she is determined to make it work. Shakira (Ony Uhiara) too must marry to continue working, but turns down a proposal from Abu Akram (Karim Kassem), with brutal consequences.

Jalal (Sam Otto) is horrified by to see the treatment of young Yazidi women being sold as sex slaves and buys a mother and daughter to rescue them. He and Ziyaad (Ryan McKen) are sent back to the frontline where a commander is calling for the ultimate sacrifice. Concludes tomorrow.

Writer and Director: Peter Kosminsky
Executive Producers: Kris Thykier, Liza Marshall, Peter Kosminsky
Production Company: Archery Pictures and Stonehenge Films Prod in Association with LipSync Prods and National Geographic

The State Episode 3 (of 4) airs on Tuesday 22 August 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on Channel 4.