Stuck On You: The Football Sticker Story Premieres Tues 14 Nov on ITV4

Stuck On You The Football Stickers Story

One-off documentary Stuck On You, premiering on Tuesday 14 November at 10.15pm on ITV4, looks at the fascinating phenomena of football stickers and the incredible stories behind the companies that created them.

In 1970, four Italian brothers called Panini launched a football sticker album for the World Cup Finals, and by the 1980s cries of ‘Got…got…not got!’ rang out across playgrounds around the world. At one point in the 80s, it was estimated that 90% of boys collected the stickers.

The four brothers successfully transformed a childhood obsession into a multi-billion-pound industry. When they eventually got taken over by Robert Maxwell, four ambitious Brits decided to jump ship and take on the mighty Panini by setting up rival firm Merlin. Under Merlin, the humble sticker went beyond football and into the realms of music, WWF and even the Royal Family.

The stickers are still collected today and it is expected that next year, thousands of World Cup stickers will be changing hands again.

Stuck On You: The Football Sticker Story airs Tuesday 14 November 2017 from 10.15pm-11.15pm on ITV4.

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