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Supersize Cabbies Premieres Mon 19 Jun on BBC OneSupersize Cabbies Premieres Mon 19 Jun on BBC One


Supersize Cabbies Premieres Mon 19 Jun on BBC One



One off documentary Supersize Cabbies, airing on Monday 19 June at 7.30pm on BBC One, follows a firm of overweight cabbies from Plymouth who have pledged to turn their lives around. They embarked on a six-week community weight loss programme to try and reverse the damage done by years of poor diet and little exercise. But for two of the cabbies that brief fitness burst kick-started a drive for a new life.

Roger Laughton and Mike Davis (pictured), like a quarter of UK adults, are both obese. They pledged to carry on with a punishing regime of diet and exercise devised by uncompromising fitness trainer Gavin Seymour.

A BBC documentary team follows them struggling to change the bad habits of a lifetime and trying to find the willpower to resist the junk food that is part of many a cabbie’s life. For 20-stone Mike it is about overcoming the overeating that started when he was bullied as a child for wearing a hearing aid. And he wants to be a fit dad – his first child is due any day.

For Roger, the challenge is to survive. His health is already on the edge – his internal organs are badly damaged by the impact of obesity. At nearly 31 stone, has Roger left it too late to change direction and will his heart withstand the strain as he battles to shed half his body weight?

Supersize Cabbies airs on Monday 19 June 2017 from 7.30pm-8.00pm on BBC One.


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