Swashbuckle: Christmas Rules! Special airs Mon 11 Dec on CBeebies

swashbuckle Christmas Rules

Cook & Line want Christmas to be fun on the Scarlet Squid, but Captain Captain is ruining things with all her Christmas rules and her determination for it to be “the perfect pirate Christmas”.

As Cook & Line are getting ready to pull a big Christmas cracker, Captain Captain stops them and throws it in the Ship’s Mess because, according to the rules, cracker pulling happens much later on after Christmas dinner and before the Pirate Queen’s speech.

Later Captain Captain starts quoting yet more rules from the Pirate Handbook, about how the presents are the wrong shape, the tinsel is the wrong colour and the tree is the wrong size. Cook & Line have had enough and they sing a rousing Christmas song that lists all the amazing things about Christmas and about how Christmas isn’t just about rules.

Will Captain Captain be swayed by the song, throw away her rule book and make this a very Merry Christmas for everyone?

Swashbuckle: Christmas Rules! airs Monday 11 December 2017 from 5.00pm-5.25pm on CBeebies.

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