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Taboo Final Episode airs BBC-1 Saturday 25 Feb



It’s the final episode of Tom Hardy’s Taboo airing on Saturday 25 Feb at 9.15pm on BBC One and critical opinion has been divided to say the least. The series has confounded many and has been accused of being overly obscure but above all that it’s been incredibly watchable and never less than intriguing.

In episode 8 it is the time of final reckoning. James Delaney (Tom Hardy) confronts Sir Stuart Strange (Jonathan Pryce, pictured above) of the East India Company, with the cold hard truth.

Revelations about those surrounding him are unearthed and met with deadly ramifications.

Meanwhile, James conspires to escape, but as the cold enmity of the Prince Regent (Mark Gatiss) turns into a lethal fury, the Crown unleashes one final plan to destroy him. Time is running out, scores need to be settled, and tragic consequences to be borne.

Taboo Episode 8 (of 8) airs on Saturday 25 February 2017 from 9.15pm-10.15pm on BBC One.