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Teach My Pet to Do That Episode 3 (ITV 25 Aug 2017)



Teach My Pet to Do That

Alexander Armstrong presents a brand new series which celebrates the hidden potential of the nation’s pets. Over half of the population own a pet, and watching online videos of entertaining and talented animals has become a popular pastime, but most people do not imagine their own pets to be capable of such brilliance.

Alexander’s multispecies Pet School aims to prove that any pet has the potential to become an internet superstar. Using only positive reinforcement training, the Pet School attempts to teach tricks to domestic pets of all shapes and sizes.

In this third episode, the school welcomes golden retriever Bailey and a rescued battery hen called Boo. The trainers will attempt to teach the talented pair to wipe their feet on command. The star pet this week is multi-talented horse Mr Bean. The accomplished animal can play catch, and has been taught to dance in perfect synchronicity with his devoted ex-ballerina owner. Away from the school, the trainers assist in teaching.

Teach My Pet to Do That Episode 3 airs on Friday 25 August 2017 at 8.00pm on ITV.