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Three Girls Final Episode airs Thurs 18 May on BBC One



Three Girls Episode 3

In the third and final episode of heartbreaking true life drama Three Girls, the ordeal of the court case finally draws to a close, and Holly, Amber and Ruby are faced with trying to rebuild their fragile lives and putting behind them the horrors they suffered for so long.

Sara and Maggie, who fought hard to protect the girls and bring the perpetrators to justice, also face an uncertain future. Can their experiences stop institutional failure from happening again?

Three Girls tells the story of three of the children who were victims in the 2012 grooming and sex trafficking case in Rochdale and is made with the full cooperation of the victims and their families.

Pictured are Amber (Ria Zmitrowicz), Holly (Molly Windsor), Ruby (Liv Hill)

Three Girls Episode 3 (of 3) airs on Thursday 18 May 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.