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Travel Man: 48 Hours In Valencia with Sara Pascoe (Channel 4 27 Oct 2017)



Travel Man Valencia Sara Pascoe

In this episode of Travel Man, airing Friday 27 October at 8.30pm on ITV, Richard Ayoade is joined by comedian Sara Pascoe for a two day test of the mini break merits of Valencia, Spain’s third largest city. After dropping their bags at the sumptuous Hotel Caro, they set off along the path of the Turia river. Until the 1950s it flowed through the city, but was diverted after a disastrous flood.

Now it’s a nine kilometre park, which Sarah and Richard explore by four wheeled bike, pausing at Park Gulliver for a slide. Valencia is the birthplace of paella, so Richard enrols them at paella school to make authentic and vegan versions of the dish. Halfway through cooking they are forced to dance, a ritual they are assured improves the flavour. Valencia’s motto is ‘live without sleep’ so Richard and Sarah try a sip of the city’s nightlife when they order a round of Agua de Valencia. This innocent looking drink is made of cava, gin, vodka, fresh orange juice and sugar and leaves Richard and Sara in pieces.

Day two begins with a visit to Valencia’s iconic City of Arts and Sciences, home to an Imax cinema, planetarium, opera house and aquarium. But Richard and Sara forgo these attractions to try zorbing instead. Released from their sweaty plastic spheres, the pair head to the cathedral in search of the Holy Grail. Valencia is home to the only cup recognised by the Vatican as perhaps the cup that Jesus used in the last supper.

Finally, over more Agua de Valencia, they asses the merits of their Spanish sojourn.

Director and Series Producer: Chris Richards
Director and Producer: Nicola Silk
Executive Producer: Steve Gowans
Production Company: North One Television

Travel Man: 48 Hours In Valencia airs Friday 27 October 2017 from 8.30pm-9.00pm on Channel 4.