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The Trial: A Murder In The Family Episode 2 (Channel 4 22 May 2017)



The Trial: A Murder In The Family

The pioneering new series continues – blending documentary with drama and revealing the inner workings of the legal system – as a fictional murder case is tried in a real court, by eminent real-life legal professionals and a jury of 12 randomly selected members of the public. Academic Simon Davis (played by actor Michael Gould) stands accused of murdering his estranged wife Carla.

The trial continues with key evidence from Carla and Simon’s friends, colleagues and family. They’re all subjected to rigorous cross-examination from the defence and prosecution teams. As details emerge of Simon and Carla’s personal histories and questionable past behaviour, the jurors begin to form a fuller picture of why they separated and what their relationship was like at the time of Carla’s death. Can Simon remain impassive as the emotional testimonies mount up?

Directors: Nick Holt, Kath Mattock
Executive Producer: Jonathan Smith
Production Company: Dragonfly TV

The Trial: A Murder In The Family Episode 2 (of 5) airs Monday 22 May 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on Channel 4.