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Tribes, Predators & Me Premieres Thurs 7 Sep on BBC-2



Tribes, Predators & Me

In new three part series Tribes, Predators & Me, which premieres on Thursday 7 September at 9.00pm on BBC Two, Gordon Buchanan joins three remarkable tribal families who live alongside fierce predators, giving him a new perspective on these often misunderstood animals.

In episode one Gordon Buchanan joins a tribal family on a remote Pacific island where visitors are rare and treated with suspicion, asking if it’s possible to live this close to sharks. Sharks are the animal most people find terrifying, but the men of Owarigi Island in the Solomon Islands encounter dangerous sharks almost every day and sometimes even at night as they catch fish by free-driving. Can the islanders successfully teach Gordon to swim and share the ocean with sharks in their tropical paradise?

Gordon’s mentors Moses and Sosimo teach him the island’s ancient fishing techniques, as well as more about the island’s complex relationship with sharks and how the people of this small island are dependent on the ocean to survive. However, commercial fishing and the shark-finning trade are arriving on the remote island, meaning the fish and sharks they depend on are in worrying decline putting the islanders’ future at risk.

Joining Moses and Sosimo on a spectacular shark dive, Gordon visits a protected reef teeming with fish and sharks giving him a remarkable and moving insight into the underwater world of a unique and threatened island culture impacted by the outside world.

As seen in the picture above blonde hair is common among the children of Owarigi in the Solomon Islands – it’s caused by a genetic variation unique to this part of the world

Tribes, Predators & Me Episode 1 (of 3) airs Thursday 7 September 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC TWO