Tricks Of The Restaurant Trade Episode 5 (Channel 4 13 Nov 2017)

Tricks of the Restaurant Trade

Simon Rimmer investigates the new high street trend that’s growing faster than coffee shops: dessert bars. With some of their treats containing more than 1000 calories, Simon meets a group of teenage fans to find out how much they know about what they’re eating. Sophie Morgan explores why our favourite US fast foods taste different on this side of the Atlantic and has some surprising news for some American students.

Meanwhile, as restaurants now promote their good deeds, we look at how this influences our choices and reveal what the chains give to charity. And reporter Adam Pearson wrestles with the best way to undress a lobster as cheaper imports mean it’s now on the high street.

Exec Prods: Jo Bishop, Victoria Hamburger
Series Prod: Mandy Thomson
Prod/Dir: Rob Silver; Prod Co: Betty TV

Tricks Of The Restaurant Trade Episode 5 (of 6) airs Monday 13 November 2017 from 8.30pm-9.00pm on Channel 4.

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