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Tried And Tasted: The Ultimate Shopping List Premieres 6 June on Channel 4



Tried and Tasted Channel 4

We are faced with an overwhelming amount of food choice in the supermarket. But with so many different brands on offer, how are we supposed to know which is the best?

In new show Tried and Tasted, Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr. and a panel of food experts blind taste-test some of the nation’s favourite food and drink for the ultimate shopping list. From tomato ketchup to white wine and prawn cocktail, each test pits top-selling premium brands against own-label supermarket rivals, with some surprising results.

Joining Michel around the tasting table is London restaurant manager and First Dates love ambassador Fred Sirieix; journalist, broadcaster and restaurant critic Jay Rayner; baker and deli owner Stacie Stewart; and TV presenter and foodie mum Lucy Alexander. The products testing the expert’s palettes this time include apple pie, Scotch whisky, and lamb shanks. And members of the public vote for the tastiest baked beans.

Series Producer: Rob Clifford
Executive Producers: Jennifer Fazey, Simon Knight
Production Company: Maverick

Tried And Tasted: The Ultimate Shopping List airs 6 June 2017 from 8.00pm-8.30pm on Channel 4.