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Trouble in Poundland Premieres 21 Jun on ITVTrouble in Poundland Premieres 21 Jun on ITV


Trouble in Poundland Premieres 21 Jun on ITV



As Britain battles tough economic times, cameras follow the staff, management and customers of the country’s biggest single price retailer, Poundland.

Filmed over twelve months since the EU referendum vote, this programme meets the pound shop customers who have become more bargain hungry than ever. With the pound at an all-time low, there is trouble in store as Poundland’s powers that be battle to keep prices low. Just weeks after the UK voted to leave Europe, Poundland is taken over and a new leadership team is tasked with turning the struggling business around.

Against the backdrop of a year in which the value of the pound has plummeted, the company has allowed cameras onto the shop floor, around head office and to follow their business dealings across the world as they use every trick in the book to keep the tills ringing.

From the first sale in Poundland history, to taking advantage of ‘shrinkflation’ by launching a new taste-a-like chocolate bar, can Poundland survive these troubled times?

Trouble in Poundland airs Wednesday 21st June 2017 at 9.00pm on ITV.


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