Trump: An American Dream Series Final airs Thurs 30 Nov on Channel 4

Donald Trump's Family

The concluding part of the major series exploring Donald Trump’s extraordinary life airs on Thursday 30 November at 9.00pm on Channel 4. Pop culture permeates politics at the turn of the millennium. Pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura becomes governor of Minnesota and Trump is eager to learn from his campaign. Trump’s spending is once again out of control; he’s overpaying for everything and becoming the punchline of many a joke. Enter tall, beautiful model Melania Knauss. The playboy is reined in and Donald is tenacious and inspired. He’s in his late 60s and ready to take residence in the one piece of American real estate that money allegedly cannot buy: The White House.

Interviews with political advisor Dean Barkley and seasoned presidential mentor Roger Stone reveal the atmosphere as Donald dips his toe into the presidential pool, toying with reform party candidacy. George Bush Jr. is president and American society is crumbling at the turn of the millennium. As the Y2K bug threatens to disrupt technology on a colossal scale, Donald’s presidential impulses take a back seat; he’s testing the waters and waiting. On 11 September 2001, America weeps; it’s the turn of the century and everything is changing. Trump returns to the public gaze with hit reality series The Apprentice.

The Donald dishes out doses of the American dream to lucky winners. But by the financial crisis of 2008 it’s the responsibility of new president Obama to keep that dream alive. Post-9/11 the US is polarised by extreme opinions and Trump chips in, questioning Obama’s birthplace. Trump’s Twitter is live and he’s spouting superlatives, dissing celebrities and forming radical solutions to the concerns of a divided America. As the world laughs at Trump, his fame increases, but when he takes the White House will anyone be amused?

Executive Producers: David Glover, Mark Raphael
Series Producer and Director: Barnaby Peel
Production Company: 72 Films

Trump: An American Dream Episode 4 (of 4) airs Thursday 30 November 2017 from 9.00pm-10.00pm

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