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Trust Me, I’m A Vet Episode 2 (BBC-2 10 May 2017)



Trust Me I'm A Vet

In the second episode of Trust Me, I’m A Vet, Alice Rhodes runs a unique experiment to tackle the biggest health problem for pets in the UK today: obesity. Alice recruits 13 dogs to test the best way to lose weight; will it be diet or exercise?

After cats and dogs, rabbits are the nation’s most popular pet, but well over half of them are kept in conditions that are likely to cause long-term stress. Steve Leonard gives a lifestyle makeover for one rabbit kept in a typical hutch, by giving it the two things all rabbits need to be happy: enough space to jump, and a companion.

Vim Kumaratunga finds out how choosing the wrong pet fish could leave you with a monster to take care of. Many species sold in pet shops – including the humble goldfish – naturally grow to enormous sizes.

Judy Puddifoot investigates the latest craze for feeding pets raw food and discovers it could be bringing dangerous bacteria into your home. And Alice gives some first aid advice on which ordinary foods in your kitchen could land your pet in A&E, and what to do if your greedy pooch eats the wrong thing.

Each episode of the series will be based at one of the country’s leading vet schools. This episode comes from Liverpool University Veterinary School.

Pictured are Steve Leonard meeting Prof. Alex German – the UK’s leading expert in Pet Obesity

Trust Me, I’m A Vet Episode 2 (of 3) airs on Wednesday 10 May 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on BBC Two.