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Trust Me, I’m A Vet Final Episode airs 17 May on BBC One



Trust Me, I'm A Vet

In the third and final episode of Trust Me, I’m A Vet, the team is based at Bristol University’s Langford Vet Hospital.

Alice Rhodes discovers that one in five cats in the UK lives in a state of long-term anxiety because they share a house with another cat- and cats would rather live alone. Alice runs a unique experiment to test different stress-busting methods in three multi-cat households. Which will work best: separate food bowls, cat toys or stress-reducing scent diffusers?

Judy Puddifoot investigates the warning signs dogs give out before becoming aggressive. They follow a fairly predictable pattern but often go unnoticed by people. Judy reveals the signals to look for – and how they escalate if you ignore them.

Steve Leonard looks into the latest research that suggests feeding your cat only fish-based pet foods over the long term could lead to health problems.

Vim Kumaratunga (pictured above) finds out how to take care of what is probably the most intelligent pet to keep: the African Grey Parrot. Recent research has shown they have the reasoning ability of a three year old child*. They’re often kept in small cages on their own, but in the wild, they live in huge flocks. Vim meets a parrot therapist who has a unique way of keeping her African Greys healthy and happy.

Trust Me, I’m A Vet Episode 3 (of 3) airs Wednesday 17 May 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on BBC Tw