Two Doors Down Christmas Special airs Boxing Day on BBC-2

Two Doors Down Christmas Special

It’s Christmas Day. Beth and Eric Baird’s dreams of a peaceful holiday are thwarted by the antics of their demanding neighbours.
They are planning to open presents with their son Ian and his new boyfriend Gordon, before enjoying a quiet dinner for two.

Neighbour Christine is babysitting her granddaughter Madison, who can’t wait for her Mummy Sophie to arrive back from Eurodisney. Meanwhile their other neighbours, Cathy and Colin, are anticipating a glamourous skiing holiday in the French Alps – until Air Traffic Control goes on strike and all flights in or out of France are cancelled for two days, which Cathy doesn’t take well.

Neither does Christine, since Sophie is now stranded on the other side of the channel – and she is left holding the baby. In true Christmas spirit Beth invites them over to dinner. Eric worries the turkey crown is too small for five, but Beth is upbeat – they’ll make do. Even when Ian asks if he and Gordon can stay, making it dinner for seven.

Eric decides to help make wee Madison’s Christmas by digging out the old Santa costume, and Beth brightly delivers the dinner – in tiny portions.

A festive treat, this Christmas special of Two Doors Down comes ahead of a new six-part series which will start in early 2018.

Beth is played by Arabella Weir, Eric by Alex Norton, Ian by Jamie Quinn, Gordon by Kieran Hodgson, Christine by Elaine C Smith, Cathy by Doon Mackichan and Colin by Jonathan Watson.

Pictured above are Eric (Alex Norton) Beth (Arabella Weir)

Two Doors Down Christmas Special airs Tuesday 26 December 2017 from 10.30pm-11.00pm on BBC Two.

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