Ugly House To Lovely House With George Clarke: 60’s House (Channel 4 9 Nov 2017)

Ugly House to Lovely House George Clarke

Chris Dyson is undoubtedly one of Britain’s most respected architects – renowned for high-impact transformations on a generous budget. George Clarke pairs Chris with Wendy and Allan in Colchester, who are desperate to transform their horrible-looking 60s home into something more modern.

Adamant that the house needs a drastic makeover externally and a major reconfiguration internally, can Chris satisfy their high expectations while sticking to their £150K budget?

Director and Producer: Jo Griffiths
Director and Series Producer: Philip J Smith
Executive Producers: Rebecca Mulraine, Tania Fallon
Production Company: Amazing Productions

Ugly House To Lovely House With George Clarke Episode 4 airs Thursday 9 November 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on Channel 4.

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