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Uncle Season 3 Episode 6 Uncle Season 3 Episode 6


Uncle Season 3 Episode 6 (BBC-3 5 Feb 2017)



The penultimate episode of comedy series Uncle airs on BBC Three on Sunday 5 February.

…is this just fantasy?

When Melodie shows up at Andy’s flat they finally hash it out and confess their feelings for each other. But, after a night of bliss, Melodie is gone.

Meanwhile, in his fantasy writing class, Errol spins a fantastical tale of Andy, now cast as a stable boy on a noble quest to find his long lost princess.

With the help of a young stable master Errol, the boys will encounter a slew of odd but familiar faces in this fantasy retelling of Uncle, and possibly help the real Andy get to the bottom of how he can win Melodie back.

Uncle Season 3 Episode 6 (of 7) airs on Sunday 5 February 2017 on BBC Three.



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