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Vera: Blanket Mire (Season Final, ITV 9 Apr 2017)



Vera Natural Selection

The seventh and final season of ITV’s Vera, starring Brenda Blethyn, comes to a close on Sunday 9 April at 9.00pm, with the episode Blanket Mire.

In the final episode Vera surveyors out on the Northumberland moors make a shocking discovery – the body of a young woman buried beneath the soil.

On the scene, assumptions are made that this is the body of local teenager Mia Hinkin who disappeared six weeks earlier. Vera is forced to deliver the terrible news to a broken family, desperate for answers. Mia left the family’s farm against their wishes to attend the Eastbury music festival, but never returned.

As the investigation progresses, tension mounts within the tight-knit community of Brindale, as its residents throw suspicion on the identity of Mia’s attacker. With her body found so close to home, Vera must retrace the vulnerable young woman’s footsteps from her isolated rural life and into a dark and tangled web of deceit to track down her killer

Vera: Blanket Mire Episode 4 (of 4) airs Sunday 9 April 2017 from 8.00pm-10.00pm on ITV.



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