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Walliams And Friend Christmas Special with Hugh Bonneville airs on BBC-1 27 Dec



Walliams and Friend Christmas Special Hugh Bonneville

In this extended episode (40 minutes instead of the usual 30) which also marks the end of the series, star of Downton Abbey and W1A, Hugh Bonneville, partners with David Walliams for a variety of comedy sketches.

Hugh demonstrates his comic versatility as he plays roles as diverse as Alan Sugar, dishing out the hardest ever Apprentice tasks, and even the Countess of Grantham in her new commercial.

In addition, Hugh and David pair up to play smarmy game show hosts of the completely baffling “Double Or Nothing”, the world’s most embarrassing dancing dads and even Bruce Wayne and his loyal butler Alfred.

Also features mini festive episodes of Middle Class Jeremy Kyle and Celebrity Slammer.

Walliams & Friend features a different guest ‘Friend’ every episode, creating a one-off, brand new double act with David Walliams each week. The series also features a talented support cast including Morgana Robinson, Mike Wozniak and Jason Lewis.

David Walliams and Friend Christmas Special airs on BBC One on 27 December, 2016 from 10.00pm – 10.40pm