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Walter Presents: Case premiering on Channel 4 24 JanWalter Presents: Case premiering on Channel 4 24 Jan


Walter Presents: Case premiering on Channel 4 24 Jan



Walter Presents – which showcases the best foreign language drama series from around the world – continues with dark and challenging thriller Case from Iceland.

When the body of Lara, a promising young ballerina, is found hanged on the main stage of the National Theatre in Reykjavik, detective Gabriela and her partner Hogni are assigned to the case. The autopsy declares Lara’s death is suicide but her foster parents Gudny and Jonas are suspicious and contact their lawyer Brynhildur, asking her to investigate further, despite the reservations of her law firm partners Benedikt and Magnus. Gabriela also suspects foul play and has her eyes on Julius, a staff member at the local youth centre. Lara’s biological parents, Soffia and Palmi, are sure Gudny and Jonas are to blame and hire small-time crime lord Thor to dig up dirt on them.

Thor commissions Logi, a former partner in Brynhildur’s law firm, who is now in a downward spiral of alcoholism and living with his girlfriend, computer hacker Ilmur, to investigate and leak damning information to the press.

Meanwhile, Lara’s sister Hanna is under the control of Thor and struggling to manage her drug habit. Starring Magnus Jonsson, Steinunn Olina Porsteinsdottir, Johanna Vigdis Arnardottir, Porsteinn Bachmann, Birna Run Eiriksdottir and Elma Stefania Agustsdottir. In Icelandic with English subtitles.

After the premiere of episode one on Channel 4, the full series will be immediately available, free to view or download, on All 4

Case Episode 1 airs on Sunday 24 January 2017 from 10.00pm-11.05pm on Channel 4.


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