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Who Wants My Council House? Channel 4 Who Wants My Council House? Channel 4


Who Wants My Council House? airs Thurs 13 Jul on Channel 4



One off documentary Who Wants My Council House?, airing on Thursday 13 July at 8.00pm on Channel 4, follows five households looking to swap their council house.

Some people swap looking to upgrade to their ideal home; some tenants simply want a change of scenery; or they are parents seeking to downsize now their children have flown the nest. Council house swaps do not involve estate agents with sharp sales patter, so it’s down to the tenants to do the hard sell and show each other around their homes.

If the first viewing goes well, there’ll be an invite for a return viewing, before both sides decide whether to swap… or not.

Airing in a week of programmes on Channel 4 and More4 exploring issues of housing and homelessness.

Executive Producer: Tayte Simpson
Producers and Directors: Martin Fuller, Eddie Lewis
Production Company: Mentorn



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