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Wild UK Premieres Mon 24 Jul on BBC OneWild UK Premieres Mon 24 Jul on BBC One


Wild UK Premieres Mon 24 Jul on BBC One



Zoologist Lucy Cooke and wildlife cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson, will celebrate some of the UK’s wildest species, in five programmes stripped across the week.

Through a series of original films and updated archive films, Wild UK will explore our forests, rivers, mountains, sea and coastal areas, even our cities. The UK is wilder than you think!

Colin and Lucy begin their week-long adventure around the UK’s very own wildernesses with a look at our rivers.

Colin travels up the River Wye following the king of fish, the salmon – whilst Lucy discovers the wilder side of canals at night. The show goes behind the scenes with Steve Backshall and the Wild Alaska Live team as they try to film the elusive salmon shark.

Plus viewers will discover how the return of one of Britain’s long-lost beasts – the beaver – is changing the landscape and reveal how the UK’s rivers are important for one of the world’s most peculiar fish – the sea lamprey.

Wild UK: Rivers Episode 1 (of 5) airs Monday 24 July 2017 from 9.15am-10.00am on BBC One.


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