Women At War: 100 Years Of Service Premieres Mon 6 Nov on BBC One

100 Years of Service

In 1917 the first all-female military unit was established, allowing women to join Britain’s Armed Forces for the first time. One hundred years later women are being trained for combat, to fight alongside men on the frontline.

In inspiring series, Women At War: 100 Years Of Service, stripped across a week and premiering Monday 6 November at 9.15am, BBC One marks and remembers those who signed up and put their lives on the line. To see how much has changed over the last century, viewers will follow five well-known faces as they tell their own personal stories of their time in service, and that of their relatives. By retracing their steps, meeting veterans who lived through war and meeting the women who now serve on the front line, this series tells the extraordinary story of the women who defend – and have defended – our country.

Stripped across the week in the lead up to Remembrance Day, June Brown talks of her time as a Wren during the Second World War; Edward Fox uncovers what life was like for his aunt who worked as a Land Girl; Dame Kelly Holmes relives her time as PTI instructor in the Army; Pam Ayres reminisces about her service in the WRAF during the late 60s and Nicky Campbell and his mother Sheila discover the reality of the work she did as a radar operator during WWII.

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