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Where In The World Premieres Mon 5 Jun on CBeebies



Where In The World

Brand new series Where In The World celebrates the lives of young children living in eight different countries around the world. Featuring children living in Ghana, Peru, Italy, Vietnam, Russia, Jordan, Canada and India, each programme offers a unique insight into the innocence and magic of childhood across the planet.

Where In The World captures the excitement of growing up and reveals that although children live in different countries, speak different languages and have different customs, the discoveries, thrills and challenges of childhood are universal.

In Monday’s episode we meet Liza from Russia as she makes blueberry pancakes with her grandma. In Accra, Ghana, Tyra goes to the market with her mum, and in Jordan, Hamza (pictured above) buys a present for his baby sister.

On Tuesday Anushka from India goes shopping for eggs, Tyra gets ready for church and in Sicily, Mario goes to his kickboxing class.

Hamza makes a kite, Mario makes a birthday card for his dad, and Anushka goes on a journey to the countryside on Wednesday.

Rhys loves exploring the winter landscape of Canmore in the Canadian Rockies, and in Thursday’s episode he has a skiing race with dad. Tyra sells clothes in her grandma’s shop and in Vietnam, Truc learns how to pick carrots.

On Friday Liza picks cucumbers with grandma, Anushka gets ready for school and Hamza helps at his dad’s barbershop.

Where In The World Episodes 1-5 air Monday 5 June to Friday 9 June from 4.30pm-4.45pm on CBeebies.