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Yellowstone: The Wildest Winter Series Premiere 3 Jan on BBC-2Yellowstone: The Wildest Winter Series Premiere 3 Jan on BBC-2


Yellowstone: The Wildest Winter Series Premiere 3 Jan on BBC-2



Yellowstone is a new three part documentary looking at one of the world’s most famous National Parks. The series premieres on Tuesday 3 January with The Wildest Winter.

The Yellowstone is one of the most remarkable places on the planet. It’s home to North America’s most iconic wildlife and every year these animals must survive The Thaw – one of the harshest seasonal changes on Earth.

Temperatures swing from minus 40 Celsius in the winter to approaching 40 plus in the summer months.

To understand how the animals cope and to witness the effects of our changing climate, this BBC Two three-part series, stripped across one week, follows the Thaw during 2016, a year when it’s believed the unpredictable weather broke new records.

Presenters Kate Humble and Patrick Aryee are joined by a team of scientists and wildlife cameramen. They capture the wildlife dramas as they unfold and analyse the impact on individual animal families of wolves, grizzly bears, beavers and great grey owls.

In the first episode, The Wildest Winter, Patrick Aryee follows the grizzly bears, who are taking a risk with the weather by leaving their winter dens early.

Hungry wolves are struggling to bring down their elk prey in the unusually shallow snow. And for great grey owls it’s the iciness of the snow that is hampering their hunts.

Yellowstone’s winter is always one of the most brutal on the planet. But 2016 saw weather records broken, and the wildlife was forced to adapt to survive. Kate Humble gets to grips with the science behind this remarkable season, from understanding the importance of the snowpack’s structure as the melt begins, to uncovering why Yellowstone’s unique geology is posing problems for some grazers’ teeth.

Our picture shows Kate Humble and Patrick Aryee at Hyalite Reservoir near Bozeman

Yellowstone: The Wildest Winter (Episode 1 of 3) airs on BBC Two on Tuesday 3 January, 2017 from 9.00pm to 10.00pm


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