7th Heaven The Complete First Series DVD Review



Distributor: Paramount Home Entertainment
Certificate: PG | Region 4 | 6 disc set / 944 minutes
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Extras: no

Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks, Barry Watson, Jessica Biel, Beverley Mitchell,

Aaron Spelling, who was usually associated with the high gloss of shows such as Charlie’s Angels and Melrose Place, decided a return to the homely values of the 1950’s was in order and in 1996 gave the green light for 7th Heaven which focuses on the life of Eric Camden, minister for Glen Oaks Community Church in suburban Los Angeles, and his family, wife Anne (Catherine Hicks) is a proud housewife and their five kids, teenagers Matt, Mary (Jessica Biel) and Lucy and the younger Simon and Ruthie.

The series itself is a celebration of suburban life, given that sort of non specific christianity religious gloss that American TV favours so as not to offend anybody.

Every episode in this six disc set has some kind of moral or controversial that the family have to confront or deal with, a bit like a modern day Waltons in fact, but like any good drama series worth its salt its the continuing story lines that hook you in. The show is still going strong, about to enter it’s 11th season on the new CW network in the states and whilst cast members have come and gone (Jessica Biel had a fall out with the makers around the time of season five but has flitted in and out of the show ever since) the series has remained pretty much the same, a good wholesome family show.

There are no extras on the box set but it’s a nicely put together and well worth checking out release.

No extras.

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