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Dads Army Season Seven Region 4 DVD Review



Distributor: Roadshow Home Entertainment
Certificate: PG | region 4 | 175 minutes
Extras: Yes

Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Clive Dunn

Who would have thought that the bumbling misadventures of elderly home guardsmen during world war II would go on to become one of the best loved sitcoms of all time. Roadshow are now up to season 7 with their series by series releases of this iconic shopw and this, like the ones that have gone before, shows no let up in the quality, either of the scripts or the playing of the wonderful cast.

As surely everyone knows the show follows the exploits of a Home Guard platoon in the seaside town of Walmington on Sea during the heightened days of world war two and like all good home guard units its staffed by the elderly, those too young to do their bit and those who are too weak (and in the case of a certain private Godfrey incontinent into the bargain).

The commanding officer is the very full of himself Captain George Mainwaring (the superb Arthur Lowe) erstwhile local bank manager who carries a seriously class based chip on his shoulder towards his second in command Sgt Arthur Wilson (John Le Mesuiurier) a man of almost aristocratic and truly gentle bearing), the surrounding players are the stuff of legend too, the local butcher Lance Corporal Jones (they don’t like it up em, permission to speak sir!), undertaker Frazer (we are all doomed), mumy’s boy Frank Pike (stupid boy Pike), everyone a winner!

Everything about the series is pure class, from the immortal Bud Flanagan opening theme tune to the superb playing by all the cast and the hilarious scripts.

Dad’s Army is simply a show not to be missed.

Extras are another of the excellent We Are The Boys featurettes, this time focusing on Arthur Lowe.



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