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Deception By Jonathan Kellerman



Published by Headline 1 April 2010

Jonathan Kellerman is one of those authors who, when you hear they have a new book out, delivers that wonderful tingle of anticipation and his latest, Deception certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to staying up late because you have to finish the book type action.

It’s another case for Detective Milo Sturgis and his aide de camp psychologist Dr Alex Delaware who, in a case that has political implications, find themselves investigating the gruesome murder of a substitue teacher at Windsor Preparatory Academy, found not far from the scene of the crime is a dvd in which the victim, Elise Freeman, details a whole flotilla of accusations of abuse suffered at the hands of three tormentors. Worse, the three she accuses just happen to be fellow teachers at the Academy.

Milo and Alex have to tread very carefully along the moneyed halls of Windsor Prep, some very socially elevated families send their children to the school including a prominent member of City Hall but it soon becomes very clear that there are some none too nice things going on at the Academy.

One of the really strong pluses about Kellerman is that he isn’t as overt as many other authors working in the genre, after all not every little detail needs spelling out. Dr Delaware and Sturgis are an excellent team and as always the dialogue between the two of them is a joy. Sturgis is actually a homosexual but he doesn’t let the fact that the police department are still not as enlightened as they like to think they are stand in his way. In fact he brooks no nonsense from anybody!

Strong on plotting, clever of dialogue and high on suspense, ingredients that all add up to proving that Kellerman is at the very top of his game.


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